Nuclear Chemistry

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Nuclear Chemistry, the Sun and Life

Do you enjoy spending the day exploring at the beach? How about working in the garden, playing softball, skateboarding or just being in the warmth of the magnificent sun. Why is that many societies throughout history have worshipped the sun? It is because the sun provides warmth and energy, and therefore life itself. Without this energy from the sun, life could not exist as we know it. Without nuclear chemistry the sun would not exist.

Have you ever wondered how the sun produces energy? The sun produces energy through a nuclear chemical reaction called nuclear fusion. Fusion is a nuclear reaction in which the nuclei of light atoms combine. Through a series of fusion reactions, a tremendous amount of energy is produced which sustains all life on the earth.

Nuclear chemistry affects many aspects of our lives everyday. As we shall discover in this modules, radioisotopes are everywhere! They are in the air we breath, the water we drink, the soil we till, and the building materials we use for our homes. They are also found in the foods we eat to nourish the cells of our bodies; therefore, we all contain radioisotopes. Explore the links in this modules to learn all about nuclear chemistry.

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