Test Yourself

1. Approximately when was the ocean formed?
10 billion years ago
5 billion years ago
4 billion years ago

2. Which element is not a fertilizer for bacterial growth in bioremediation?


3. This is a word for a relationship between species that benefits both.

4. Comets and meteorites sometimes carry water vapor and ice.
5. A red tide is another word for :
a plankton bloom
low tide
a tidal wave

6. Water can dissolve ionic salts (such as NaCl) because of which chemical property?

melting point, 0 degrees Celcius
molecular polarity

7. What is the process through which water cycles from the ocean to the air to the land and back into the ocean?

carbon cycle
hydrologic cycle
geochemical cycle

8. Which of the following pollutants can cause deoxification of seawater?

heavy metals
organic matter in sewage
carbon dioxide

9. Organically grown fruits and vegetables mean that :

no chemicals are used in growing
pesticides are used in growing
only natural fertilizers and weed control is used in growing

10. What was the systematic survey of the earth's oceans undertaken by the British between 1872 and 1876?

Jacques Cousteau Mission
Challenger Expedition
Bruce Brown's Endless Summer

11. Radioactive Decay :

Involves heavy elements
Caused the Earth to get very hot during its formation
Changes unstable isotopes into more stable ones
All of the above

12. Which marine natural product is commonly added to milkshakes?


13. What would be a good approximation of the average surface temperature of earth?

-2 degrees Celcius
15 degrees Celcius
70 degrees Celcius

14. Gases are more soluble in cold water.


15. The vent tube worm is unusual because ...

it ventilates coral reefs by burrowing holes in the reefs
it's savory flavor makes it a tasty treat for snorkelers
it lives in extremely hot water near hydrothermal vents

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