A Little Quiz

Let's see how much you've remembered.

1. Whose book about the negative effects of DDT sparked the environmental movement?
Vice President Al Gore
Rachel Carson
Dr. Paul Muller

2. What was not one of the early uses of DDT?

protect soldiers from insect carried diseases
keep our produce insect free
a chemical warfare agent

3. What is biomagnification?

trend that more complex biological organisms tend to look larger
process which retained substance become more concentrated with each link in a food chain
the maximum values possible for observing living organism under a microscope
4. Molecules that are insoluble in water are :
chemical ions
5. On which type of cells does DDT have the most negative influence?
skin cells
nerve cells
bone cells

6. What is one of DDT's damaging effects on birds?

thinning of egg shells
premature loss of feathers
induced fear of heights

7. Why is DDT still used in many parts of the world?

Some people actually prefer eating food treated with DDT.
DDT is addictive.
DDT's effectiveness in controlling malaria is unmatched.

8. DDT is :

water soluble
fat soluble

9. Organically grown fruits and vegetables mean that :

no chemicals are used in growing
pesticides are used in growing
only natural fertilizers and weed control is used in growing

This completes our Quiz.

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