Water Quality


You just get back home from a day of fun in the sun.  Your mouth is so dry it almost hurts to swallow.  Panting like a dog, you go to the kitchen and fling open the refrigerator door.  The soft humming noise and the incandescent glow of the interior immediately set you at ease.  You reach in for the big pitcher of juice and imagine the cool, refreshing fluid quenching your animal-like thirst.  You lift it up and... 

Wait a minute! It's all gone!!!  You look over your shoulder in time to catch a mischievous smile flash across your little brother's face.  That little weasel.  But not to worry, a cold glass of water from the faucet will do the trick.  You walk over to the tap, turn it on, and in seconds you've downed a huge glass of pure, clean H2O.  Or have you?  Is that really pure H2O you're getting from the tap?  

Let's find out what's really in the water you drink... 

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