1. Selected electronic journals on Duke site
  2. Web of Science
  3. CRC Handbook
  4. Individual people that research nanoscale system
    1.    Charles M. Lieber at Harvard Chemistry
    2.    Smalley Institute at Rice Chemistry
    3.    Chad A. Mirkin at Northwestern Chemistry
    4.    Hongjie Dai at Stanford Chemistry
    5.    A. Paul Alivisatos at UC-Berkeley Chemistry
    6.    Moungi G. Bawendi at MIT Chemistry
    7.    Louis E. Brus at Columbia Chemistry
    8.    Nanoscale Science and Technology Group at IBM T.J.Watson Research Center

  5. The Nanotube Site
  6. The Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (Duke CEINT)
  7. Group meeting talk schedule
  8. AFM and SEM Sign-up Sheet
  9. Duke University Shared Materials Instrumentations Facility
  10. Procedure for Stamping on SiO2 Wafers
  11. Flowmeter scale for CVD in Rm378
  12. Lab Safety


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