March. 2017
Congratulations for the new publication on Nature Communications about photocatalysis of selective carcon dioxide hydrogenation on Rhodium Nanocubes! (reported by Duke Chemistry Department)


December. 2016
Welcome Peter and Yiwen to join the Liu group!


May. 2016
Xiao received the Katherine Goodman Stern Fellowship for the 2016-2017 academic year and Peter Walter Jeffs Summer Research Fellowship for summer 2016 from Duke Graduate School. Congratulations!


Apr. 2016
Lucy received the National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate(NDSEG) Fellowship for the 2016-2019 academic year. Congratulations!


Jan. 2016
Welcome Dr. Yanwen Ma to join the Liu group as a visiting scholar!


Dec. 2015
Welcome Dong to join the Liu group!


Jan. 2014
Welcome Qiwei and Christine to join the Liu group!


Dec. 2013
Dr. Liu has been named a 2013 Fellow of the American Physical Society "for contributions to nanoscale chemistry, especially the controlled synthesis and chemical modification of carbon nanotubes with enhanced properties for numerous applications".

Nov. 2013
Group outreach at Reedy Creek Lake
Happy BBQ
Nice start Bridge and the group
Rest on bridge Rest after hiking
Happy hiking Elegant photographer
Pause to photograph
Sep. 2013
Welcome Dr. Yanwen Ma to join the Liu group as a visiting scholar.



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