Chemistry Links

Chemical Properties

• Dave Evans' pKa Tables

• Bond Lengths in Organic Compounds as Determined by X-ray and Neutron Diffraction

• Reactivity Scales for Nucleophilicity and Electrophilicity

• Pub Chem (manufacture, etc)

• Aldrich Database of Properties for Molecular Sieves

• Sheffield ChemPuter

• eMolecules

• Organic Chemistry Resources (from Reich at Wisconsin)

• Physiochemical Properties of Liquids

• Wolfram Alpha Chemistry

• WebElements Periodic Table

• Nomograph


• Coordination Geometry Table of the d-Block Transition Elements and their Ions (Moore Group)

• Organometallic HyperTextBook

• Character Tables for Point Groups

Reagent Preparation and Expt'l Procedures

• Demystifying Synthetic Organic Laboratory Technique

• Buy It or Make It

• e-EROS Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis

• Organic Syntheses (Org. Syn.)

• Synthetic Pages

• Tips for Growing X-ray Quality Crystals

• Removal of Reaction Solvent by Extractive Workup: Survey of Water and Solvent Co-extraction in Various Systems

Spectra-Related Links

• NMR Shifts of Trace Impurities

• Spectral Database System for Organic Compounds (SBDS)

• Mass Spec Calculator


• SciFinder

• Web of Knowledge

Other General References and Encyclopedias

• CRC Handbook

• Purification of Laboratory Chemicals

Links to Related Programs and Institutes at Duke

• Duke Pharmacological Sciences Training Program

• Duke Cancer Institute / Developmental Therapeutics Program

• Duke Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics

• Duke BioCoRE Program

• Green Labs at Duke

Literature Groups

• Dave Evans' Group Seminar

• Columbia Chemical Synthesis Literacy Group

• Brian Stoltz' Group Literature Seminars

• Princeton University Chemistry Department Literature Seminars

• Phil Baran's Group Literature Seminar Library

• Dirk Traunner's Group Literature Seminar Library

Chemistry Mechanism Problems

• Joe Topczewski's Chemistry Problems

• Fukuyama Group Meeting Chemistry Problems

• Trauner Group Chemistry Problems

• Hans Reich's Total Syntheses Webpage

• Richmond Sarpong's Group Meeting Chemistry Problems

• Princeton University Chemistry Department Mechanism Club

• Harvard University's Challening Problems in Chemistry and Chemical Biology

• Answers to Grossman's "Art of Writing Resonable Organic Reaction Mechanisms"

Named Reactions

• Named Reactions - Monomerchem

• Named Reactions -

• Companion Web Site for Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis

• Named Compounds and Reagents

Nomenclature / Reference

• Chemistry Reference Resolver

• Maybridge Ring Numbering Sheet

• Combined Chemical Dictionary

• IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology

• Neolab - Laboratory Equipment Museum (German Only)

• IUPAC Nomenclature Rules

• ACS Citation Guidelines

• ACS Structural Formatting Guide

• Journal Abbreviation List (CAS)

• Journal Abbreviation List

• Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds

• Heterocycles

Links to Other Chemists

• Chemistry 2000

• Organic Faculty in the US

• Center for Stereoselective C-H Functionalization

Advice for Pursuing a Career in Academics

• HHMI Book: "Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty"

• MIT Link for Academic Career Advice

Mentoring Links and Tips on Managing Difficult Conversations

• Entering Mentoring

• Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High

• Gender Bias Calculator: Paste in your recommendation letters and see whether the terms you use are most often associated with women or men

Resources that Focus on to Individual Needs

• Blind Scientists

Other Useful References

• Total Synthesis of Natural Products Dojo (training gym)

• Kinetic Resolution Equations and Java Applet

• Top 200 Drugs, by Sales (courtesy of the Njarðarson Group)

• Dow Lab Safety Academy

• Doug Taber's Organic Synthesis Highlights

• Andrei Yudin's Organic Synthesis Blog

Links for the Lay Audience

• Curiosity Cabinet

• Periodic Videos


This page borrows heavily from a page provided by the Stoltz Group.